We came here to work
Quite quickly we have found purpose
In a self directed community

At the end of this day
My body feels battered and tired.
I have been digging ditches
To let waste water drain away
Directed by Steve,
Who is creating a space of permaculture
By the Ashram kitchen, where everyday at 4
They serve free food.
He is planting willow and buying reed plants.
The long view.

At the end of this day
My hands are bruised and hurt.
We have made another 5 homes safe from rain
With tarps and rope and wood scavenged from
Broken down shelters.
Grateful smiles from men from Iraq, Afghanistan
From the Sudan and Syria.
What have we done to allow this to happen?

Kathryn tells me
From her conversations with people
Who she is teaching English
That every night some manage to get over.
Every night they try.
There is a mafia that helps – they tell her.
She says to one
‘I hope I don’t see you tomorrow’ thinking that
Maybe this is his time.

In a strange way
It is also ours.