Distribution seems to be the key.
Of energy, toothbrushes, bags of rice
Tarpaulins, padlocks, blankets.
Trainers size 43, underpants, socks
Small track suit bottoms, tins of chickpeas
Bags of sugar, saucepans, sleeping bags.

From the back of a transit or a container.
In organised drops to areas of the site.
Responsive or reactive.
To people in need, of course.
We are also scared that what is donated
Ends up in shops for profit.
So many, so needy.
Who are we to control the donations.
This is the issue, worldwide.

I fix a hasp and staple and give a padlock.
The man is so happy.

We offer to buy a generator to Jungle Books
Where everyday Kathryn has been teaching.
They can print, offer wifi and maintain a service.

I graffiti a mans wall – he shares his story
Of hope and sadness.
We laugh, he brings sweet tea.

I share tunes with a man from Eritrea
Whose smile will remain etched in my mind.

As we watch the sun set
Kathryn says to me.
‘What you do, you do with the right intention.
Don’t question’