Soft sand underfoot
Bright new faces all around
Learning never stops

Today I covered three leaky homes
With tarpaulins and nails donated from who knows where
With sawn up pallets to stop tearing.
And grateful people offered sweet tea and cake.

Later I went to the youth club with instruments
A wood hut on the wasteland that was south camp
Where teenagers played pool and table football
Then joined me in a long session of beats
With tunes. Some moments that were beautiful.
One boy engaged actively for the first time in weeks
Said one of the workers.
Where have I heard that before. Music the gateway.

Meanwhile Kathryn sat outside
Teaching English to young men from
Afghanistan, Sudan, Iran.
Conversations with a smile that start to connect
People with possibility.
What is that possibility?

As I drove in and out of the site today
I learnt from Claire and Joe.
Stories of the camp here and in Dunkirk
Distribution, support, escape, distraction.
And how the charities operate