There are so many levels of injustice
That we witness directly
And through the media.

(Our) MP, David Morris,
Was one of those who voted to keep
3,000 innocent young people
Out of the country.

The threats of destruction
Hang over the heads of the refugees who
LIVE in the Calais Jungle.
They have homes, friendships, networks
A level of Hope.

As we drove this morning to buy
50 shampoos and 100 deodorants to put into
Bags to be given to specific ticketed people
We passed a group of refugee travellers with children
Walking beside the road heading for the camp.

Every day more arrive.

And today as we sorted food at the warehouse
More and more stuff arrived
In a full up car from Ashford.
Filled by a church group – there were 100 spice bags
Amongst tins, rice, clothes and tents.
A green transit packed to the brim from Swansea.
A hire van from London and 3 more cars.

Tears spontaneously come.
Generosity CAN combat injustice.
We just have to believe and act
Every Day.