I am fascinated by communicating and sharing ideas and knowledge gained from years of working with brilliant artists, musicians and thinkers. This can include specific training delivery, strategic networking, conference speeches and publication (in print and on-line)


 Co-chair for the 2018 Community Music Activity seminar in Tbilisi for ISME (International Society for Music Education) –

Workforce development programmes across Lancashire linked to Youth Music vision for a ‘Musically Inclusive Britain’ and Lancashire Music Hub vision for a ‘unified and inspired workforce’

November Far East Tour including a presentation and workshop at the HK Music Conference on Wellness, workshops on Rites of Passage and a paper at the Asia Pacific CM Network in Auckland and a 3 days residency at the Queensland Conservatorium.

CREATIVE WORKSHOPS that allow professionals to develop their own ideas and discover new imaginative journeys. From 3 hours to 3 days !
SCHOOL PROJECTS with young people from 3 to 18. Playing, making music and creating shows and events. From one day to a whole year, from Lancashire to Hong Kong and from songs to beats
CONSULTANCY for  educational institutions, arts organisations and venues sharing knowledge and experience and leading on new initiatives
WRITER of articles and the co-editor and key contributor to a More Music publication, Community Music: A Handbook, a definitive book on the current state of community music in the UK